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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's - It's sewing goal time!

2010 was a very productive sewing year for me - I lost count of how many yards I sewed up, but I know it was well over 300, and likely over 400 yards. I also made over 250 finished items. I won Fabric Stash @ PR which was a goal of mine, and I acquired my embroidery machine - a Bernina Deco 340. I couldn't tell you a favorite project because there were just too many I enjoyed making, but some highlights included my first formal outfit (for my HS reunion) and embroidered Christmas projects.

For 2011, my goals are pretty simple:

1. Sew a lot - because I enjoy it!
2. Improve my technique making pants for me.
3. Design more/adapt patterns more to make things that are truly original.
4. And finally, blog more!