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Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Dec Sewing

Home dec sewing is always rewarding, but not always the most exciting kind of sewing to me. I've done curtains at my house and my mom's:

My daughter's room:
My mom's laundry room

My mom's living room (she bought the lace panels and I made the rest)

My newly updated living room (made 3 of these)

I'm seeing a theme in my home dec choices - at least two fabrics need to be used! I also did some pillows to match the valances with some leftover fabric:

BTW - on both of the new living room projects, I used this gorgeous cording that was a BEAST to sew - even with an invisible zipper foot b/c the darn plastic piece of junk kept coming apart. One invaluable thing I learned was how to weave the cut ends of cording so it would all work together seamlessly (or at least seamlessly enough). I highly recommend Sewing Edges and Corners as a reference in a project like this.

If you want to see the entire transformation of my living room, check out these pictures: Living Room Transformation

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