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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cute for FALL!

As we are about to officially start fall here in the northern hemisphere, it's time for some fall fashions for the five year old!

McCall's 6429 done in Fabric Finders owls and polka dots - I love the owl print!

Farbenmix Neele double layer skirt in Michael Miller prints - need to make a top to match this - probably a tee with applique.

Some sweet Riley Blake prints done in McCall's 6388...
...more Fabric Finders - this time a rainbow plaid - for Oliver & S's Jump Rope dress.

I currently have some Halloween themed stitching in the works as I prepare an old favorite, the Studio Tantrum/Farbenmix Feliz dress for a Halloween version complete with applique work. There are a few pieces for me in the queue as well. In fact, I just finished up a McCall's Fashion Star pattern and eliminated the need for a zipper by making it out of a really striking ITY jersey.

Doesn't the dress go well with a kitty? We still have a white and a black one...


  1. Sandi,

    I love the dress you made for yourself. Style, fit, print - looks terrific!

    The clothes for the five-year-old are cute, but it's nice to see you sewing for yourself! :)


  2. Love all the sweet clothes you made for your daughter .They are adorable.. I love sewing for my grandaughters [and I loved sewing for my daughter ]..
    Love the dress you made for you too.. so pretty

  3. You dress is really lovely. The print looks like stained glass. And I especially love the little plaid shirtdress.