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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Like a BOSS!!

My sewing, that is...and I'd like to thank Winter Storm Khan for making it happen! We had an early dismissal yesterday at noon which not only freed up my afternoon, but knocked out a bunch of things I would have had to drive my kids around to. (YES!!! Sorry, but selfish Mommy is NOT disappointed...)

I had been holding onto these cut garments for almost two weeks and buried in an avalanche of work, so I had not gotten anything else done. Well, last night, I knocked out Cynthia Rowley's Simplicity 2593 design, a simple blouse with a pretty neckline in a fabulous floral print.

I think this top might be especially cute with the "Tangerine Tango" Colette Clover pants I made last year. I also have a periwinkle blue skirt suit (with a short sleeve jacket) that it could pair with.

My next endeavor was Vogue 8084 - a Vogue basic options skirt pattern. It's out of print, but still fairly recent. I chose view B with an asymmetrical hem in another fun floral print. I think I would like this with a hot pink or turquoise top, but the yellow top is what I was wearing today.

The skirt has a nice twirl factor without being too billowy. It hits at my favorite length, too

My next project was Simplicity 1716. I made this pattern as View F, a top, not too long ago, but I chose this time to make the dress D with the E sleeves added since I needed the right pattern for this border print.

This was a super quick and easy dress to sew, but it looks a lot more high-end thanks to the simple design and great fabric.

I had a remnant of this that I purchased at G Street Fabrics last summer when we were passing through the DC area on our way to visit relatives. It was definitely the kind of fabric that required just the right pattern to make it work.

Now, I did sew one thing for my daughter as well - a tunic top from Burda 9612. I made the shorter version for her to wear with some khaki capris I picked up cheap at the end of last summer (in her next size up). The fabric is so cute it didn't really need much in the way of embellishment, but I like the suggestion of adding ribbon at the waist.

The top also called for 3 buttons, but since I had just two of a really beautiful mother-of-pearl left over from her last year's Easter dress, I just spaced them out on the placket since they are a design element rather than functional.

Now, I am getting ready to cut fabric for some more sewing fun - time to go visit the garage warehouse and see what fabric is looking to be loved!


  1. Such pretty sewing projects! I enjoyed reading your reviews on also and now I want to add these patterns to my to-buy list!

  2. Lovely garments - I particularly like the skirt . . . . I am off on a search now to find a copy!!!

  3. These are all great - very wearable! Isn't it amazing what just one free afternoon can unlock for us....J

  4. Wow.. you have been doing some great sewing.. Love all of them.. Happy sewing.

  5. Gorgeous!!! Storms really become you!

  6. Love the border print dress, it's so pretty! But I really loved the reference to the garage fabric warehouse! :)

    1. LOL - It's my happy place...I think I need to do a video tour of it for the blog!

  7. I just found your Pattern Review for the border dress. I bought some border fabric for a different dress. When I brought it home, I changed my mind about the pattern. Now I know what to make because yours is beautiful I pray mine comes out as nice!