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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting the year right!

I sewed for me. ;-) New Look 6873 - a nice basic to show off this awesome fabric! Now, if it gets just a bit warmer by the time I finish the top I want to wear with it, I will be a happy girl.

BTW - The sewing for children contest is underway at Pattern Review - lots of eye candy and if you are a member you can vote for up to 5 entries. My big giraffe is hanging out with plenty of stiff competition.


  1. Great start to the New Year with a skirt for yourself - fabric looks super...

  2. Love that beautiful fabric.. such a cute skirt.. and yea to sewing for you..

  3. That's a lovely skirt, perfect for that fabric! Good luck in the competition (I'm in it too but I'm not a threat to anyone!)