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Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring Vogues!

After a SUPER busy couple of weeks (tons of work stuff), I'm now enjoying a slightly longer weekend thanks to an ice storm and early dismissal from my school district. As I wait for my kids to finish a Monopoly game (and get out of my way), I've been cruising the net for sewing inspiration and lo and Vogues!

The first one that caught my eye was this lovely Tracy Reese (V1343) design:

The draping looks flattering and like it would work well with my body type. I already have a great wide belt (in black and white), so I think I would choose my fabric to work with that.

Rebecca Taylor has a pattern with a similar aesthetic (V1344).

It looks like it might need some tacking at the bodice, though!
I could also see myself making this Mark & James Badgley Mischka creation (V1337):

The pattern indicates it isn't flattering for bigger busts, but I think lengthening the bodice would take care of that quite easily.
I also think this Vintage Vogue design is lovely (V8874). This would be so classy for church.

I also like this Vogue Options dress (V8872). This color combo is interesting, although I would go for the more flared skirt option.

Another Vogue Options (V 8873) also has nice lines.

The cut of V8871 is flattering and looks like a quick project:

I do like the shorter cap-sleeve version just a little better, though.

I'm a sucker for color-blocking so I like Sandra Betzina's take on the color-blocked dress (V1336).

There is another nice example of color-blocking in V8877, an easy top:

V8879 is a nice pattern for basic knit tops with modern shapes.

I don't sew that many pairs of pants, but I really like these - V8883:

I really like this outfit - V8886 - right down to the color choice! I think this would be super cute for work.

Sew some lingerie? Yes, I think I will! V8888:

Overall, I am pretty excited about Vogue's spring offerings - bring on the next pattern sale!

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  1. It's funny- whenever I go to check out a pattern- you've made it. Does it horrify you that you have a style stalker?