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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Preview of coming attractions

I've been busy - just haven't reviewed these yet...

I finished this Vogue Katherine Tilton top to go with the Alexander Henry print skirt I recently finished.  The royal blue is the same ponte I used in the royal and yellow dress and the turquoise contrast was used in the La Mia Boutique dress I made last month.

Simple ruffle hem pants for Gracie's Spring wardrobe...

This is a preview of a top and denim skirt (the front of the top, back of the skirt). I coordinated the embroidery colors. This was a fun project and I have another version cut out of purple denim.

The test fit - not the best photo, but the fit is good. I just measured her again. She is 45" tall, but thinner than the corresponding measurements for patterns for her height. I used that to take in the skirt in the construction process.

I also decided to add in buttonhole elastic to increase the wear - esp. in light of the cute back pockets!

In the front, I added a really fun button by Doodlebug - much better on her clothes than in my scrapbook stash!

I used a simple heart design for the pockets and mirror imaged them. I just love them!

Here's a glimpse of the inside. Would a simple tutorial on adding buttonhole elastic (like RTW children's clothes) be helpful? Let me know and I will take better pictures throughout the construction of the purple skirt.


  1. You're already spring sewing, and I'm still looking at the bleak winter ahead of me, hehe. The heart embroidery on the back pockets is great!

  2. You have been busy - all look great, and the embroidery is a super match of colours...J

  3. You are a wonder- always ahead of the season and so fun to see your work!

  4. such pretty things you are making..
    Please do the tutorial for the elastic button
    like RTW does.I have 3 grandaughters that are thin,
    and need this..thanks.

  5. Love this little skirt! What a pretty shade of blue and the embroidery is perfect with it.

  6. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.