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Monday, May 6, 2013

Ready to tumble! Jalie 3247

Gracie is now tumbling with a local all-star cheer gym, and she needed some clothes for workouts - esp. since her t-shirts want to flip up when she does! Jalie 3247 to the rescue!

 I cut three pairs of the shorts (without the contrast waistband). All three were cut from velour.

 She has proclaimed the shorts to be very comfortable!
 I also cut three of the sports bra/crop tops - one of each view.
 This one is view C, which has a really cool strap pattern in the back!
The entire outfit took less than an hour to make - win!

She did two hours at the gym tonight (tumbling conditioning and then tumbling with her level group) - I was impressed that she was able to go that long although I think she was getting a little rubbery in the arms by the time she was done!

I have also made two more pairs of the shorts in addition to both of the other tops.

Gracie is a pretty happy little tumbler!

Don't you wish you were that flexible? ;-)

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  1. Really cute and practical suits. You remind me my girls could use some new gymnastics duds.