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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sweet & trendy

McCall's 6785 - done in Patsy Aiken knits

Did I mention that they have closed their outlet in Raleigh? Waaah!

 Why, yes, this pattern IS twirly!

Did I also mention how much I have loved getting my daughter premade hairbows to match these wonderful fabrics??? OMG - I am going to miss that outlet!

We also got a rainbow loom and started making those little bracelets from rubber bands. My Daughter insisted we make one for her stuffed monkey - aw!

On grown-up sewing notes, I just made up the leggings from a new Today's Fit pattern (V1376). My first pair is a wearable muslin, but a total win! I also have a dress mid-construction that I would have finished...if I had the right zipper. Ugh! I have loads of zippers, but not a dress length navy invisible one. I hate it when that happens. I won't have time to hit the fabric store to get one until next weekend either.


  1. Adorable.... I will check out that pattern for my grandkids, Hadn't noticed it..
    so cute...
    I really hate when the shops go out ..Seems so many of them are.
    Also hate when I don't have the notions I need to finish.. Even though , I have tons of them.ha Happy sewing.

  2. Very sweet top with a cute peplum! I was sad to see the outlet go...but was also confused about whether they were closing or just moving.

  3. I love this and I have this same fabric. You are lucky to have lived so close, I order online and I hope they continue to have the fabric for sale online!!