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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Benjamin's Easter shirt

Benjamin models design #36 from the summer 2009 Ottobre magazine.
Benjamin requested a new giraffe shirt for Easter. He had a woven pullover top with a giraffe print and applique that he finally outgrew, so it was time for something a little more sophisticated, but just as giraffe-y. 
He helped me select this spring green fabric at Elegant Stitches and I cut the pieces before stitching out the giraffe scene on the bottom left front piece. 

The shirt has nice details like side vents and a great pocket design. The collar is a one piece construction. 

Benjamin is a satisfied client on this one. He wanted to leave it on tonight, but I told him he wasn't wearing it until Easter Sunday. I have a feeling I will be seeing this one on him many Sundays!

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