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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ruffles, and glitter, and lycra, oh my!

 Look who looks like her dolly Julia!

 It's Cheer Gracie!

They match!

 How cute is this!

She's working on her splits...

The back alteration - I pulled the straps over and stitched them down to make them fit better since she needs a small for length, but is otherwise pretty tiny.

I sewed up Kwik Sew 5054 in both the little girl and doll versions for Gracie's cheer wear. This was a lot of fun to make between the fabric and the design, and she LOVES it! We took a lot of pictures of this one...she plans to wear it tomorrow night at the cheer gym, a place my SEVEN year old (as of tomorrow!) loves to be!

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  1. Happy upcoming Birthday to Gracie.. Love, love her & Julia's new outfits.. How fun...