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Sunday, April 6, 2014

More cheer practice gear

My girl is pretty excited that the new cheer season is about to kick off with team placements later this month. She has been doing both gymnastics at Lee Co. Parks & Rec and tumbling with Cheer Extreme in order to develop her skills and decide which one she wants to participate on as a team sport.

Well, it is cheer all the way! She loves tumbling and has learned so much at the cheer gym. A couple of weeks ago at gymnastics she did a back handspring better than most of the team girls in her age group!

Since she will be spending even more time at the cheer gym, I thought it would be fun to make her some more practice outfits. These are so fun to make - quick and easy - and they allow some creative design options. All of these two outfits' pieces are made with Jalie patterns 3247 (sports bra and short, 2196 (skort), and 3139 (leotard pattern adapted into color-blocked crop top).
I have two more outfits cut and ready to sew. One is another version of Jalie 3139 (top) with the yoga shorts (Jalie 3022) and the other is Kwik Sew 4054 (a brand new pattern with dance/workout separates for girls and 18" doll clothes to match).


  1. These are so cute.. She looks so happy in them.. Happy sewing.

  2. Oh, your little one seems very energetic! No wonder she does cheering stunts better than the rest! She must’ve been excited to wear those practice gear you sew for her. They are so beautiful! Cheers!

    Jennine Stalder @ Uniform Express