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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cuteness - it's a house specialty

We've lived in our house almost 12 years, and I finally have a window treatment for the second upstairs bathroom (aside from blinds). I made these like the ones in the living room (just flipping them over the rod and tying the ribbons). I cut the hems in a wavy pattern using the ruler on the couch in this picture and a rotary cutter.
There is the final product hanging in my kids' "Under the Sea" themed bathroom. I think it looks nice with the stenciling I did back in 1999!

While the fishies on the valance are cute, I thing this is even cuter. Gracie is modeling my go-to Ottobre basic tee pattern with an "If you give a cat a cupcake" appliqué on it. I also made a skirt to go with it out of some cute cupcake fabric I found at Joann's.
Winston, who looks like he's been given too many cupcakes, seems to like it.

Of course, she's cute no matter what she wears, but I'm glad she loves her "Mama made mine" stuff even if we do throw in some cuteness from Macy's along the way:'s how we roll.


  1. Hehehe....yes, you have the cuteness factor down!

  2. She's adorable!! The cupcakes are so fun!