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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy sewing surprise!

I was at Joann's today when I discovered that not only were Simplicity patterns on sale for $1 each, but they had the new ones. (and how did I miss the fact that those were out???) I'm very excited about the ones I got!

I love this Cynthia Rowley pattern - think I would combine the top of the blouse with the skirt from the orange version.

This is another Cynthia Rowley hit - love the dress the model is wearing - might not be too bad on me even if I am not 6 feet tall and skinny.

I'm excited about the Leanne Marshall patterns - loved her stuff on Project Runway.

I think the 3/4 sleeve dress is really cute on this one.

Love the shorts outfit!

Two nice dress patterns from Project Runway

 I like the dress and jacket - pretty pleats on the jacket

I haven't made any of the SUEDESays patterns yet, but the pink dress on the far left would be a cute style for work.

I love a fun bag pattern!

Amazing Fit? Yes, please! Lots of seams to work with for fitting

A little something for DD's dolls

Cute simple blouse - love when the patterns have the cup size variation

The shorts are so cute - need to make some for summer.

I love the color-blocked skirt!

I picked up the cutest bunny print fabric and this pattern will be just right for it.

I'm a sucker for the mother-daughter patterns - so cute for pool wear/cover-ups. The hats are really nice - would be great for when I'm sitting at the pool reading.

Another mother-daughter cutie!

I'm have been really happy with Simplicity's offerings for both Early Spring and Spring collections - can't wait to see what they have for summer!

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  1. I think there are some really nice offerings this time- love the Cynthia Rowley's and the Suede styles, especially. I'll end up buying the Lisette's too- I'm kind of obsessed with them...but they are feeling sort of similiar..