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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Butterick and Ottobre and where is my sewing time???

Sometimes I really resent my job. I love teaching, but the ridiculous minutiae of paperwork and other time-sucks just drains away my joy as well as my free time. Really, the more I am told I have to do to make sure my students pass, the more it turns into enabling (so not my idea of effective instruction, but hey, I plan to keep my job, so I do what I have to do). I have spent 10 hour days in the building and 4-5 hours plus working at home most nights the last two weeks. This weekend? Well, if it wasn't for the fact that my embroidery machine is right next to my desktop computer and I can write test questions and grade assignments in between thread changes, I would totally lose my mind. I have stitched out a design on a hand towel for the kids' bathroom, a personalized towel design for my oldest, and I have a Buzz Lightyear-themed t-shirt in the hoop for my youngest son right now.

I have decided how to fix this problem, though: I am going back to what I know works. For my students, this means I will not make them 2 and 3 extra copies of work they shouldn't have lost in the first place. Welcome back to the world of high expectations. I have gone back to my previous habit of planning out several weeks at a time, and have everything scheduled and broken down so that I will not end up with evenings lost to insane amounts of paperwork. The reward for my students is that they will have the opportunity to learn more responsibility. The reward for my family is that I will not be a raging cranky b!tch because the reward for me will be time to create.

In honor of getting my plans together, I am motivated by some lovely new patterns soon to find their way into my hands. First up, the new Ottobre is available to preview on the website which means it is headed to my mailbox soon! I love crossover t-shirt and skirt in the travel clothes section. This looks like a really good issue.  I think the short sleeve t-shirt and capri pants are cute as well.

Butterick has quite a few lovely new Spring patterns. There are some lovely dresses. This wrap over a tank style dress is cute. I would like to make this in a lovely print jersey and wear it to work with a cardigan. (B5750)

B5749 is another knit dress I would like to sew for work. I think the draping looks particularly flattering on this one.

I think there is a lot going for the lines of this Maggy London dress. (B5751) I like the color-blocked version of this very much.

B5745 is another dress with great seaming detail and cup size pattern pieces (always a plus). I like the version with the cap sleeves. This would be cute in a fun print.

The simplicity of the retro styling of B5748 is really cute. I think this would be adorable in some tartan plaid fabric I picked up recently. I like the bow detail in the front, but I think I would skip it in the back.

B5754 has some cute top options that would make up quickly. I like the neckline detail on the two versions at the bottom.

B5753 is another cute top pattern. I love color-blocking so this look is a no-brainer. I like the way the colors are done on the sketch, but the made-up version pictured is not a turn-on color-wise.

Of the non-apparel patterns, B5767 stands out for cute, simple organizational ideas. I like how the hanger organizers are made. The wall pockets are cute, too - decorative and functional.

They had two patterns for kids - one in infant sizes and one in 2-8. Neither one was particularly interesting. In fact, they were both pretty boring. I have no interest in that given the great selection of kids' patterns already in my possession.

Well, hopefully, I can knock out the rest of my school work - I am not kidding when I say I have been at it for a total of over 15 hours since I left work on Friday - and stitch up the last two pairs of flannel sleep shorts and Gracie's black yoga shorts. Then, I might have time this week to dig into something with a little more flair.


  1. Wow! You must be really motivated to do all the things you do!

  2. As a fellow teacher I understand you completely!!! Stick to your plans and you will be rewarded with many hours of sewing happiness!!!

  3. I hope work gets better soon for you. I think teachers really are expected to keep the world turning!

    I love the new Otto crossover top, too. I haven't gotten the last few women's issues, but will definitely look for this one!