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Monday, October 15, 2012

Buy it or sew it?

Sometimes I am torn between buying an item or making it myself - especially for my daughter Gracie. I know how quickly and easily I could knock out a basic tee shirt or a pair of leggings, so I often neglect to purchase those basic items with intent of making them later. Then, when I realize she REALLY needs a particular basic item, it is often NOT the right time to be figuring that out.

Tonight, I found an email from The Children's Place with a code for 20-30% off (depending on how much you spent) and free shipping. I ended up placing an order for 5 basic long sleeve layering tees (dark brown, black, navy, hot pink, and lavender - they were sold out of white or I'd have gotten one of those, too), two pairs of leggings (loved the colors), and the cutest little red patent dress shoes (Okay, I would have bought those no matter what - I don't make shoes!).

How cute are these??? (Less than $12 after discount!)

Yesterday, I cut out a pile of new clothes for Gracie - lots of cute knitwear - tops, leggings, a skirt, some fun pink and aqua plaid pants, and what will be a Dr. Seuss themed dress with coordinating top and leggings. I have quite a few mix and match items in the works, but I just couldn't get excited about basic plain tees. I was think I would still need to cut more fabric and rush to get some things sewn.

A little part of me feels annoyed for buying things I could totally make, but then I remembered why I sew. Reason number one is the creative outlet - I don't get that rush from making this:

I get the rush from making things like this! I have this pattern cut in a variety of Dr. Seuss fabrics and will also be added some embroidered embellishments to match. It's just too fun.

I think the next time I feel guilty for buying something I am capable of making, I may feel a little less guilty if the deal is right. After all, I can't make that purple tee for $4.50 - especially if I factor in the value of my time. On the other hand, I can't put a price on the excitement of making something truly special for myself or one of my children. Isn't that what creating is all about?


  1. What, you don't make shoes? Hehehe. I have the same dilemma. Often I'll try to find clothes to buy the kids (because, really, I can't keep up) but can't find anything that seems worth the price. And the more I sew, the more I notice things like bad stitching in RTW. Ugh. But - like you just did - sometimes I just have to stock up on basics, especially for the boys who aren't quite as exciting to sew for.

  2. I've decided I just want to make "princess" clothes. So it's just going to be the cute smocked dresses and boutique style for me.