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Thursday, October 18, 2012


I love the Jalie leotard patterns! This one, 2792, has so many great variations! I tried the keyhole back version this time in this shiny gold and red fabric combo. Gracie felt great in this both in terms of comfort and the fact that she looked like a little Olympian.

One of the high school girls who helps teach the little girls at the gym complimented us on how professional looking this was. No matter how much I sew, hearing the validation from someone else that it looks professional is always pleasing. As long as the "You made that?" comment is of the "Wow!" tone and not the "Ew!" tone...thankfully, I have heard 99% wows...not sure my ego could take the ews and I wouldn't want my children to feel that what I make for them is somehow inferior. For that matter, I want that for myself, too. The validation pushes me to be an even better sewer.

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  1. Those out-of-the-blue compliments are worth millions of gold stars!