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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Feliz dress

I love Studio Tantrum's Feliz dress. It is so fun to make (and I have done it enough times I do not need to look at the instructions). I've done the dress in several different versions over the years.

When Gracie was tiny, I made my first Feliz as a Christmas dress (Dec. 2008) in the smallest size possible - 86/92. Even so, she was really more of an 80cm size, so it was huge on her. I loved this dress and got two more years of wear out of it since it is so adjustable!

The following summer (June 2009), I made another version of the Feliz - this one with a patriotic/summer theme. The size was still 86/92, but it fit her a little better now that she was six months bigger.

December 2011, I made another Christmas Feliz, this time with a nativity theme. I used silky soft bamboo corduroy and embroidery an elaborate cute nativity scene on the overskirt. It took a LOOONG time to embroider, and I waited a little too long to start, but she was so precious wearing this to church when she sang "The Friendly Beasts" with the other preschoolers.

This morning, I finished my latest version of the Feliz - a Halloween/Black Cat Feliz! I did the appliques and embroidery onto wool felt since the fabric is so busy and I like being able to play with the placement of them in the design process.

The Feliz definitely has a lovely twirly design, and my girl loves to twirl!

Somehow, I doubt this will be the last Feliz I make!


  1. These are all great versions of the same dress!

  2. These are cute but I really like your latest version especially with the matching socks and shoes!

    1. The socks were a moment of serendipity when I was digging through her sock basket after putting the dress on her. I love them, though!