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Friday, December 21, 2012

Blue plaid awesomeness

Ah, the picky tween! A hard animal to satisfy at times, so when I score a hit with one of these, it feels good. This is awesome!

When 10, soon to be 11, year old Jamie and I were at Mary Jo's last month, I had him pick out a fabric for a shirt. This was his selection. I didn't get to cutting it until yesterday, but I am very pleased with my choice of pattern.

This is from the 6/2012 Ottobre and it is design number 37, a well-tailored boy's shirt with collar stand, sleeve plackets - all kinds of nice details. I was inspired to use contrast fabric on the collar stand (inside), button facings, and cuff facings by some shirts we saw in the boys' department at Macy's.

This pattern goes all the way up to a 170cm, so we still have several more sizes that can be used. This one feels like a go-to pattern!


  1. You can tell that this shirt is a huge hit - he is not only wearing it proudly, but also willing to be photographed in it! Give him a huge 'pat-on-the-back' for his super fabric choice - you have a modern fashion conscious, and handsome son...J

  2. Great job on the shirt. Love the fabric too..

  3. So nicely done! And I feel the same way when I make something for one of my sons that they really love. It's even better when they like it so much they ask for another one :o)