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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Update on the gifts

The giraffe is still in progress, and I have yet to start the Minecraft shirt. BUT I have two Scout bags finished!

Both are from Burda 7743, so combined with the bag I made Chris a few years ago - this marks completion of every bag in the pattern. I don't often sew every view of a pattern, but this is a good one.

I have just a day and a half with students before winter break, and I am so ready! This month has been super busy.

On a successful sewing note, Miss Gracie is obsessed with her Grinch shirt and has worn it a bunch of times!

Here she is right before we went into the mall to do some Christmas shopping (and right after her cheerleading competition which probably explains the "low V" pose that I got. Silly girl!

She has this outfit laid out for school tomorrow - loves it!

The other shirt from the pattern has a European embroidery design with a "Magic Cat & Super Mouse" theme. She's worn this a couple of times, too.

Here she is visiting with Santa at the Cub Scout Christmas party. (We have the BEST Santa come every year!)

I also would like to share a little something I made for me - it's from La Mia Boutique (with help from Google translate to be sure I didn't screw up which pattern pieces were which!). The embroidery were Bulgarian folk art patterns from

The dress is made from four shades of ponte knit and lined with an ivory lightweight jersey.

As the holidays draw nearer, I can't wait to finish the rest of the giraffe (it is TOO cute! it's taller than me!!) and hopefully the Minecraft hoodie. Then maybe I can get some more projects underway while off school.

On a more serious note, I do want to add some things about Sandy Hook:

1. As a teacher, I am extremely proud to be part of a profession where people like Dawn, Mary, Vicki, Anne Marie, Rachel, Lauren, and Natalie and others put themselves in harm's way (and in six cases gave their lives) to try to protect the children. There is not one teacher in America who signed a contract to do that and there is not one teacher in America who has not been trained in how to handle a lockdown. Think about that the next time you want to badmouth a teacher or you hear someone else do it.

2. My fifth grade son's class talked about ways to help Sandy Hook and he suggested making comfort pillows based on a project he had done at church (and I think to a degree knowing I have oodles of spare fabric and sewing supplies). I will help the class with the project after the holiday break.

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