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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simplicity Early Autumn picks

The Simplicity Early Autumn collection is up and I'm excited. There are a number of patterns I would like to sew.

This would be cute and simple for Gracie - definitely begging to be embroidered or appliqued!
I think the round pillow is especially cute - reminds me of a velvet pillow my grandmother had with this type of really interesting smocking/pleating.

I can't resist Amazing Fit patterns - always looking for ways to tweak the fit.
I really like the lines of this Project Runway dress.
I really like the red outfit on the left.
More cute dresses from Project Runway - including a Kate Middleton knockoff.
I like the Chanel inspired jacket.
I can see making a great lightweight casual jacket from this pattern.
Nice basic skirts - love the contrast details on the gray version.
I particularly like the style of the green top.
More cute Project Runway options for Gracie.

I'm pleased to say that the overall selections are very wearable and not weird - a great trend! Now, I just need a Simplicity sale!

1 comment:

  1. Hobby Lobby has them for 99cents this week. I wonder if they'll have gotten the new ones in? I like your picks.