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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Addicted? patterns!

So, yesterday I was out shopping and found myself stuck at the dreaded mall play area watching kiddos #3 & 4 run amok with the other little kids and I pulled out my smart phone. I was b-o-r-e-d...checked email...what was this? New Buttericks??? Of course, I discovered this just as I was calling the little darlings over to retrieve their shoes so we could keep moving. I ended up walking through the mall while trying to peek at patterns on that tiny screen.

Here are my faves (now that I could actually see them in some detail without pushing the image around my tiny screen):

B5708 is really cute and would make a lovely summer dress.

I like the tops of B5709 - except for the one with the asymetrical hem. I haven't been a fan of that trend.

I enjoy a good sleepwear pattern that I can use with my extensive stash of Patsy Aiken knits. It's fun to sew something for myself in a print that would be too cute for anything else.

Can you have enough bag patterns? I think, I really like the smaller items in B5728.

Overall, I maintain one complaint from the last few catalogs: where are the kids' patterns??? No, the robe and the baby bunting do NOT count.

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