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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for my sewing machine

I ran my own Thanksgiving Day sweatshop... First up is this adorable Daisy Kingdom coat in red anti-pill fleece. It needs buttons and I want to buy a spool of black velvet ribbon for trim. Otherwise, it is done.

I had just a teensy bit of fleece left, so I made this:

Gracie's doll will look so cute in a coordinating coat! It also needs buttons, but I'll sew them on when I do the ones for the bigger coat.

I also made a new outfit for Gracie from Fabrenmix's "Nadya" pattern - it is too cute! I was inspired to sew this for her after making up a baby/big sister pair of outfits for some friends of mine due with their second daughter in a few weeks.

These are both Ottobre patterns, but the appliques on all three are Designs by Juju. I just love the combination of the print and stripe. I started with two yards of each and made all of these outfits PLUS Gracie had a onesie out of the stripe when she was one and I still had enough of both fabrics to make a receiving blanket with stripes on one side and the print on the other.

Along with all of those adorable Patsy Aiken/Chez Ami fabrics, I also am working on this (from more of these great knits) for Benjamin: I will be placing an applique/embroidery design on the front - haven't decided which one yet, but something fun for a 6 year old boy.

Gracie is all ready to wear her new outfit out shopping at Joann's tomorrow - 25%off your whole purchase before noon. I need some things - like thread and a seam ripper (just broke mine yesterday). I refuse to go out NOW to hang out at Walmart or Target or the mall. That is just nuts. My shopping is done (;-P) and I figure I made my own Black Friday deals. Plus, when I ordered 13 yards of fabric from Fabric Mart today ($40 with shipping!!!), no one had to leave their house to ring me up.

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  1. Such cute outfits! How do you organize your time? Please share! I was at JoAnn's doorbuster sale yesterday! Got some of the good flannel for $1.49 a yard. Everybody waiting to get fabric cut was friendly and chatty.
    There are some things I want from Fabric Mart-I better order soon.