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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cuteness alert!

 When I found this "Disney Nerds" t-shirt on the clearance rack at a Disney outlet, I immediately thought about the cute embroidery designs I had seen that would match it. Of course, I got the $7 t-shirt, and decided to make one of my favorite little girl skirts - Farbenmix "Insa" to show off these designs.

The Nerds logo is stitched directly to the skirt (before I joined the last seam in that overskirt), but the 5 little "nerds" are all stitched on hot pink felt and then added to the skirt.

Big brother Jamie has declared this one a must for the first day of school. (He likes the Disney Nerds as well - even has Nerd Stitch on his bathrobe!)

I also returned to another tried and true little girl favorite: Ottobre 4/2011's jeggings (#20, 29 depending on size). I originally made indigo and black denim knit pairs (a couple of years ago), but when I found denim-like knits at Joann's in hot pink, purple, and aqua, I had to pick up all three colors with this pattern in mind.

She was into modeling them by way of handstands. Daddy helped spot her after she almost wiped out a couple of her brothers' Lego houses. ;-)

With jeggings at Justice costing a ridiculous $26 a pair (on "sale" of course), I cannot bring myself to buy them when I can make even cuter ones custom for her.

On a side note, I will not totally deny her Justice or GapKids, but I am very selective about what I will buy her. There are some things that are just wrong (particularly at Justice), but as long as I can balance out her fashion desires with fun mama-made swag like this, we are in good shape.

 We also seem to have a lot of "crazy face" going on at the moment. She just lost another baby tooth tonight so the open mouth was for that as well.

Brother Benjamin is also a master of the "crazy face" look.

Next projects: a couple of tops, a dress, and a skirt for ME!

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  1. How Cute... Happy sewing.Love the jeggins on her.. great fit..