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Friday, August 23, 2013

More teacher clothes!

 I made up McCall's 6503 in a medium-weight woven. With the fall colors, it works for early fall in a warm climate like North Carolina. In fact, this was my dress for Open House (meet the teacher) at the school where I teach. I hand stitched the overlapping front to be sure I didn't have a PG-13 moment and the dress lays nicely.

The dress has a side zipper, but I was still able to accommodate an FBA by adding two inches to the bodice and gathering at the sides by the bust.

This is my second Simplicity 1622 - this time with 3/4 sleeves. I think this is such a cute style and easy to wear.
My last new item is from the Nov. 2012 La Mia Boutique - design #22. I inserted piping into the front seams to highlight the design. The navy print is a stretch cotton I picked up in New York City - very comfortable to wear.

While these will be great for work, I also have 4 RED items on the table and ready to sew. Why red? Well, it's RED FOR ED because public education is under attack in North Carolina and I will be wearing red on the first day of school and every Weds. this school year as a show of solidarity with my colleagues and support of our schools.

I work hard teaching middle school and I sew to relax, so it will be extra fun to make up a few things to wear for this cause. I hope every sewing teacher who sees this (and every parent, too) has a great start of the year and appreciates the hard work teachers do and the difference we make in students lives.


  1. Us teachers can never, never, never have enough clothes to wear! Love your dress, the fabric looks lovely and colourful. It isn't the start of the school year for us Aussie teachers, but I hope your first few weeks are fun. And yes, you do make a difference to the lives of many lucky students...J

  2. I am always amazed at your productivity. My students started back August 12th. Have a great school year.