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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The RED for Ed. collection

As a public school teacher, these aren't exactly the best of times. Especially here in North Carolina where our legislature has attacked education 20 ways to Sunday, but teachers aren't taking in lying down. We are standing up for our schools and encouraging support for public education, a backbone of our communities.

Enter Red for Ed. days.

Many, many teachers wore red on the first day of school (this past Monday) - myself included. The plan is to make RED a Wednesday institution this year and I decided that was a good reason for a mini-collection.

The first look is a red (broadcloth with a hint of lycra) blouse from McCall's 3541 with a blue and red plaid skirt (view C) from Burda 7147. Both of these pieces will mix and match with a number of things already in my wardrobe.

I also made another plaid skirt in a red tartan. This one is a "Suede Says" pattern - Simplicity 2233. It is view B, the medium length circle skirt with a very narrow waistband.

I accessorized it with a red statement necklace (I'm calling it my "Red for Ed" necklace!) and a red patent leather Ralph Lauren belt I got 75% at Dillard's clearance sale.

The final pieces in the collection are from McCall's 5978 - a sweater set from grey, black, and red leopard print sweater knit. It's very soft and sewed up quickly.

Now who's ready for RED?!


  1. Those are three great additions to your teaching wardrobe!

  2. You have to do everything possible to support teachers. Luckily you get to wear red to show your support. Our motto last year was 'I give a Gonski!', supporting the Gonski report into education. And our colour was green...would rather your red anyday. Love all of your 3 outfits...J

  3. These are really sharp on you! I love the that skirt~!

  4. Isn't it amazing that politicians claim that teachers are "the best and brightest" when running for election (as well as "children are our future") and yet they attack teachers and cut jobs and supplies as soon as victory is secure. I think all teachers all over the world should unite with the slogan "We'll remember this at the polls". (love the outfits, especially the circle skirt)