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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Keep calm and sew stuff

This image represents not only a good bit of my weekend sewing, but two of the most indispensable patterns in my stockpile. The t-shirt (embellished with "Born to cheer" for Gracie) is an Ottobre basic from 2004's summer issue. I've made this several times with embellishment from my embroidery machine. It's a classic.

The bags are Amy Butler's "Chelsea" tote. I love this pattern and have already made 6 of them previously for storing pattern magazines. I have one for Ottobre Woman issues, four for Ottobre (one for each season - I have every issue I could get my hands on), one for Burda, and now one for Sew Beautiful (the green one), one for my other European pattern mags (Patrones, La Mia Boutique, Knipmode, etc.), and the red bag for my Threads/Sew Stylish/Sew News issues. I still need to make one more for my Australian Smocking collection and I will have all of the magazines wrangled in an attractive and protected way. I had fun stitching on these. I especially like the "Be Calm and Sew Stuff" design from Urban Threads. It was kind of my mood this weekend. ;-)

I also managed to knock out the skirt I had in mind on Friday: McCall's 6327. I really like the way this went together. I think I might search the stash for some fabric to make view B with the contrast layer. This version is view C with essentially a square skirt layered over a 3/4 circle skirt. It has an elastic waist and went together quickly, so it is a great beginner project as well as a quickie for an advanced sewist.

Finally, here's the seashell/seahorse dress on Gracie. She looked really cute in it, but she was being a goofy model for me.

I don't know how much sewing will happen tomorrow since we have a number of projects around the house to complete (including that flooring), but I hope to at least do up a back for my Australian Smocking mags and maybe a couple for my scrapbook magazines. I still have some great Urban Threads crafty/sewing designs I want to use!

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