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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Advanced Style

My her custom made by me Christmas present!
The pattern is Simplicity 4014, which was her choice when I presented her with a gift certificate for a custom outfit of her choice. I found the fabric for both pieces at Fabric Mart - ended up placing two sep. orders...oh well! She's happy with it, and so am I. I have a decent amount of both fabrics left, so I am strongly considering a dress for Gracie with the pink brocade at the bodice and the floral print for the skirt. There is an Ottobre pattern that keeps floating to mind...must look and see if I have enough fabric for it. Of course, being that she is small, it doesn't take too much!

Next project - Colette Clover pants in "Tangerine Tango" stretch sateen (why, yes, I am picking up on the trend!).


  1. I hate to get all matchy matchy, but I must have some Tangerine Tango Clovers! Where did you find the sateen?

  2. Fabric Mart had Jones New York orange sateen a couple of months ago for $1 a yard.

  3. That's a great outfit, and I can tell she loves it! Way to go, DD!