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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Damn You, Fabric Mart!!

So, I was busy uploading some pictures for my review of B5173, a Maggy London dress, and I happen upon a little missive from Fabric Mart in my email...I make the mistake of visiting. Now, I needed to buy some fabric for an outfit I am making my mom. I already bought the fabric for the dress, but I found what I think will be perfect for the jacket - a rose brocade from Ralph Lauren. Of course, I ended up spending $78 so I could pass the $75 needed for the free ten yard bundle because those are always interesting...ugh!!

Some evil I cannot resist, like putting Benjamin's silly fedora on Winston the cat, called me to drool over the amazing sale. When did they get all that cool stuff? Didn't I just order the day after Christmas? I found some lovely lime stretch twill that would be perfect for Colette's Clover pattern, an olive sherpa fleece from Marc Jacobs that was dirt cheap and great for a jacket for my older boys (they can fight it out - I'm not making two, we have loads of hoodies all over the house), modal was evil...

So, I now have one more cut project - a knit top I expect to make up very quickly - and then I think I may switch gears off my fall/winter wardrobe sewing. Gracie is suddenly getting taller so maybe I will start on some trans-seasonal pieces that will work as we move toward spring. After all, winter in NC isn't exactly long.

Once I have the pink brocade, I will spend some time on my mom's outfit. I am using  Simplicity 4014, short sleeve dress with hip-length jacket.
Ralph Lauren pink brocade for the jacket and the light tan floral/paisley embroidered stretch print for the dress...

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