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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinterested for my daughter

I have started a pin board on Pinterest for summer sewing for Gracie - who will soon be 5 and deserves a wardrobe as colorful and spunky as she is. It's turned into a good place to organize patterns I want to sew. However, what is becoming even more inspiring is a board I have made of kids' fashion - my favorite examples from around the web.

What I find interesting is that I have confirmed my style instincts for children's clothing. When you see all of your "likes" in one spot, it isn't hard to do. These are a few of my favorites:

I like this because it combines knit and cotton woven fabrics, applique, and wacky, yet harmonizing colors.

Gracie loved this dress when we saw it in Belk's this weekend, but I am not paying $60 for it. My version will have an applique or embroidery...

This would be an adorable way to use my awesome stash of knit fabrics from Patsy Aiken/Chez Ami.

I love the wild, fun print mixes on Farbenmix's samples. This is so cute!

Of course, I also like the (only slightly) more subdued Lilly Pullitzer look. This type of look is lovely here in the South.

I'm also collecting inspiration for Disney outfits since we have an August trip planned.

Of course, it isn't just collecting inspiration, I find I am actually following through with it. For example, I pinned this dress from Janie & Jack:

Then I made my version inspired by similar fabric in my stash.

So, there's my style for the girl-child: colorful, ruffled, a mix of fabric, and fun!

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