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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cutting Time - part 2

So, here's the final cut list:

In addition to the hoodie & miniskirt that I mentioned in my last post, I also cut out:
from the lime knit with big pink dots and a lime with tiny white polka dots for the contrast. (I'm doing the shorter dress.)

I also cut flannel boxers (from a print with flames and 8 balls) for DH, the McCall's Palmer/Pletch jean jacket and a straight, above-knee length skirt from Ottobre out of the paisley twill. (I had a very small remnant, so I cut out a jacket and skirt for DD's Barbie, too.) My last piece was this skirt from the June Burda Style:

I used a very large pink and white twill check and cut the hem band and the pocket flap on the bias.

Of course, now I'm sitting in the middle of a couch full of fabric, and I'd better start organizing before I go to bed. I don't think I will be up before the kids.

I got a total of seven items cut (for me) plus a Barbie outfit. I think I know what I'll be doing tomorrow...


  1. Oh wow, I really admire you for doing so much cutting at once! I hate cutting, so I put it off for days sometimes - maybe I will use your idea, and do it in front of the tv. I think I just get bored while doing it!

  2. Netflix and a pair of scissors!

    We watched the 40 year old virgin - not bad.

  3. I like that Burda skirt - I'll have to put that on my list. No, wait! I'll have to cut it out.

    I do a lot of pattern tracing and cutting in front of Netflix too. DH and I have been working through the MI-5 TV series. That's a compromise - I'm not making any noise with my machines, but he lets me keep the lights on even though they cause a reflection the screen, hehe.