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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kathie Lee was crackin' the whip

My husband thinks he's funny and likes to make jokes about how Kathie Lee (Gifford - back from the 90's when she had kids in Honduras or somewhere making her clothes for KMart...) is working me in her sweatshop because I sew so fast. I think I was channeling her tonight.

I interfaced everything for the patterns I just cut, finished the Ottobre skirt (lovin' the cargo pockets - the top in the pic is also Ottobre and one of my faves), the Butterick knit dress, and a Barbie outfit from scraps of my skirt fabric. Next up will be the jacket that will match the skirt, but I may sew up hubby's boxers before I start that just so he can get a few more chuckles about the sweatshop.

On to the fashion show...Butterick 5456:

Ottobre Woman - 2/2010 - #15 Debra skirt:
Last, but not least, let's talk about Barbie: (wearing Simplicity 4702) - actually, let's save that for another post...I have so much to say on this topic and it's late and Kathie Lee will be crackin' the whip again tomorrow...)

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