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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gracie patterns

Having a little girl named Gracie (Grace Elizabeth), I am somehow drawn to patterns with her name. Here are the ones I have found and sewn so far:

First we have Grace, by Children's Corner. It's a classic heirloom dress that I made up in pink batiste.

My next GRACEful sewing adventure came by way of designer Sandi Henderson (hmm, wonder why I like her name, too?): Portobello Pixie Gracie

This version is reversible, but came out fairly short. She can wear it now as a tunic top.

The final Gracie namesake pattern is my most recent sewing project - seen in the post before this.

Overall, I think the Portobello Pixie Gracie might be my favorite, but I like things about all of these patterns. How can you not love a Gracie?

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