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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New McCall's patterns

I got all excited because someone on Pattern Review posted that there were new McCall's out. So, I looked...

What is this? Are the 80's coming back? Say it isn't so!
McCall's 6164
I think I will be passing on that one. Aside from the 80's, there seems to be a thing with weird hems. Here's another pattern I'll be skipping: McCall's 6165

In case you like 80's shoulders and weird hems, you can make this one: McCall's 6166

But wait! You can also get your kid dressed up in a similar look! Check out McCall's 6155

Now, there are a couple of patterns with potential. I find this jacket (McCall's 6171) rather interesting - especially since it is a Made-For-You pattern with sep. cup size pieces. I still have to grade up a few cups, but these type of patterns do make the adjustment easier since it's easy to see what has to be changed.

I also think McCall's 6176 is a potential winner. I'm just not sure I'd want to see heavy books in it, but the backpack is super cute.

I guess I won't be beating a path to Joann's or Hancock's for the next McCall's sale.


  1. I agree with your assessment (and I blogged about them too!) I really hate the weird hems... I just don't get them at all!

  2. I'm with you as well. I'm always excited when new patterns come out, but other than a couple of girls patterns, I saw nothing that I had to have.