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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another "little" cutting fest

I cut out some more projects now that batch #1 of Gracie's fall goodies is done. I kind of lost count as I kept grabbing fabric and patterns and saying "Ooh! This would be nice."

Well, I ended up with 19 projects in the bin...yes, 19. Okay, if you have seen my work on PR, you know I sew fast. That's mainly how I have the stash contest banners down there on the left sidebar!

I arranged all my projects by thread/needle usage so I don't have to mess around with setting up machines any more often than I have to. I already had white thread loaded, so I grabbed this skirt and stitched:

It's a McCall's pattern - 2 pattern pieces and it took all of 15 minutes to make. I sewed while DH gave her a bath.

I also did a brown & pink on white striped top and a velour, polka dot print dress this evening. Tomorrow, I'll finish up the white thread projects and switch colors. Maybe pink? I have a lot of pink projects in the stack (imagine that, lol).

I do have to say that the more you make, the faster it becomes - at least for me. I rarely look at directions. Certain items just go together automatically. It's fun that way since I get instant gratification. I'll be back to work soon (I teach middle school.), so my prolific sewing will slow down, but it is nice to be able to accomplish things quickly. It takes down my stress!

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  1. Wow...19 projects...ok, now I don't feel as bad about all of my "works-in-progress," although I'm certainly no where near as fast a sewist as you are (I've only been sewing for just over a year). Hopefully, one day I can catch up. Gracie is one lucky girl!