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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ottobre Must-Haves

I've been thinking about doing this post for a few weeks, but the question was recently asked of me as to which issues are the "must-have" ones from Ottobre. So here are my picks and my rationales.

I should note that I discovered Ottobre in late 2007, but was too intimidated to try it until about February of 2008. It wasn't long before I was hooked.

The first English language version was published Spring 2003 and that one has some excellent basic tee-shirts.
Another issue with excellent basics, including underwear (no, I can't say I've made those - my kids like the character stuff) and another excellent tee-shirt pattern is the Winter 2004 issue:

I don't own the Creative Workshop 301 simply because I refer back to either of these issues when I need a basic tee.

The Autumn 2005 issue is the one where Ottobre does cloth diapers. Again, something I never got into and I am happy to say the "decade of diapers" is nearly finished at my house as Miss Gracie is on her very last package of Pull-ups for nighttime. There are also some really nice stylish clothes in here - one of my personal favorites:
Like some of the earlier Ottobre Design issues, the first Ottobre Woman is chock full of great basics - buy this one for the tee-shirts alone (and skip Creative Workshop 303):

I keep finding myself drawn to the clothes in the Autumn 2006 issue - such nice details:

Leggings, leotards, and lots of ruffles - the Spring 2007 issue has 'em. I love the skirt with the ruffles cascading down the back - so cute! I've made it several times. The lap shoulder tee and dress for infant/toddler girls is another good basic.
The second Ottobre Woman, Spring 2007, has more excellent tees and a really neat wave skirt:

The Ottobre Woman published Autumn 2007 has the BEST A-line skirt - no adjustments (for me at least):

Summer 2008 is another good t-shirt issue:
The Summer 2009 issue featured some nice swimsuits as well as summer pieces with cute details:

My current favorite issue is last fall's - I love the reversible skirt (so clever and easy to do) and some of the other cute outfits. The boys' jacket with color-blocking is also nice:

If you are looking to make winter jammies or a nice coat, I like the selections in the Winter 2009 issue:

So, there you have it - my favorites from Ottobre. Honestly, I love them all, and I have lost count of what all I have made from their patterns. It's a lot, suffice it to say. The subscription (I get it straight from their website and always get my magazine on the day they say it will come.) is a great deal and you can get back issues from them with free shipping if you are a subscriber.


  1. Is that your slimmed down list of "must-haves"? Ha. I think you had proved the point that more issues are hard to resist (:

  2. Um...yeah - did I mention pretty much have all of them??? LOL, but sewing for boys, how can I not - pretty much the only source of decent patterns for boys over 6 unless you want to make something out of polarfleece....and you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

  3. Thank you for the list, exactly what I was wondering and did not think of asking

  4. I'm a huge Ottobre fan myself, I think all Woman issues are wonderful and I have made TONS of stuff from each and every issue. The fit is just amazing, and I also love the magazine layout.. much better than Burda anyways.

  5. What's the best issue for boys. Especially tween boys? Do they even have patterns for older boys? Thanks for your recommendations!