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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sew Coordinated

I love fabric collections - especially the ones from Patsy Aiken. The fabric is a wonderful quality and always washes well. Plus, everything goes together. You can get fabrics from one of her lines, but you can sometimes mix and match the more neutral designs between lines since the colors will match.

Here is a small capsule wardrobe collection I just stitched up. The top tops are from the same Ottobre pattern, with FOE binding at the neckline. I made yet another pair of leggings and the reversible skirt is like the one I made from the Patty Young knits last week. That is a fantastic pattern from last fall's Ottobre. It's very easy and fun to flip the skirt around. The pants are from the Fall 2006 Ottobre and have a lot of great details.


  1. All of them are great pieces (of course). You need to add another girl to your collection so you can enjoy all these clothes another time around, hehe.

  2. Thanks...but with four kids, I am done! I am saving a few of the heirloom sewing pieces because odds are somebody will give me a granddaughter.