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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Want to Sew...but It's Really LATE!

Since I last posted, I've sewn up an Abracadabra jacket, two Ottobre skirts, and two Ottobre t-shirts, so the to-be-sewn list is down five items. I want to make a pair of pants next before I change out sewing machine thread, but I know they are probably going to take 60-90 minutes. It's almost 2am...that's probably not the best idea.

I could happily sew all night, but with four kids to watch and a grad school assignment to tackle in the morning, sewing the pants isn't the best idea. So, I'm winding down with some thoughts on sewing:

I love fabric - patterns and textures and colors...can't get enough, which is why I do so many multiple fabric items. Someday I want to make a quilt out of fabrics I have used to make clothing for my daughter. I save fabric scraps even when they are too small for a big project because you never know when you want to line a pocket or make a small bag or doll outfit (if you have a little girl who loves dolls). My problem is deciding what I would want said quilt to look like.

I love browsing pattern websites because I love imagining all the possibilities. I used to enjoy shopping at the mall for similar reasons, but now I don't get as excited there. I feel like there are more possibilities open when you sew.

I love that Peach on the new season of Project Runway is 50 because that means I could go in the next 12 years and still not be the oldest contestant. LOL ;-)

Seriously, I'm rambling because I am trying to order my thoughts before I wander up to bed (instead of back to the sewing machine). I guess it's time to go up and dream of new projects.

What do you dream of doing with sewing? What stimulates your imagination as a sewist?

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