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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Fall Butterick patterns

You can check them out here.

I like some of these a lot. Here are my picks to snag at the next pattern sale:

This one is B5535 - I like the cut of the shorter jacket and the skirt.
B5522 is rather intriguing. I can't decide if it would be flattering or disastrous on me, but I want to think about it.
B5525 has some cute options (the yellow and the blue) and the same scary sleeves from one of the McCall's patterns I did not like for fall. I did this look in the 80's as a teen. I'm over it.
B5526 has some nice basic shirt option. I really should make a white shirt. It's a missing basic in my wardrobe.
B5538 would also make a good basic white shirt.
This is very pretty (B5544), but I would shorten it. I toss and turn to much to get twisted up in a longer nightgown.
B5513, a See & Sew pattern, is cute... is B5511, also See & Sew.

Now, I will admit, I do have a few complaints. First of all, aside from a re-release of a leotard/tutu pattern, there is NOTHING for kids. Also, the only men's offering involves (you guessed it) sleepwear/loungewear. I know some people like aprons, but the ones in the new collection are only so-so. There's one accessory pattern, and it's not too exciting.

Then, there's the weird stuff:
What in the world is up with B5530? It's like Miami Vice meets Michael Jackson bling. There's potential there, but with so many cute jacket patterns out there, I'll deal with altering for fit, but not style.
B5528 seems to be their take on the weird hemline cardigan - still not a fan.
If you like your crazy hemlines short, there's B5529.
...and the winner for least flattering top possible since it makes the line drawing women look fat...B5524. This is awful and dumpy. I'm sorry...I can be critical of style and appreciate that someone else out there just likes the funky hems. If you do, enjoy, but I would give serious thought before sewing up this gem. Blech!

Of course, this pattern makes the next one look so more flattering...B5536 is another schlumpy take on the Snuggie, but at least it isn't meant to be worn outside of your domicile!

So now, I await the next Butterick pattern sale, but I'm still happy to have a good 600+ patterns in my stash to choose from.

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