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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unexpected benefits of a sewing oddity

When I sewed up this top, V8151, last night, I had an issue with the facing to the (very long) neckline - I interfaced it with fusible tricot which I really shouldn't have done. This caused the facing not to stretch as much as needed and hence the ruched look on the faced area. I actually like the way it looks though, so it's a happy accident.

I actually had a VERY productive evening and completed an Ottobre dress for my daughter as well. She was very excited when I showed it to her this morning and eager to go out and model for me. We matched 06-2011-18 with red leggings and the cutest red sparkly Keds! I have adorable scrapbook supplies that match. 

Then, I cut out fabric for pillows from Simplicity 2198. I am making a giraffe pillow for Benjamin and a pink monkey pillow for Gracie. These should go  together fairly quickly this evening. It'll just be a mess to clean up all of the lint generated from fake fur and microfleece! Yikes - I could have shaved my cat with less mess...

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