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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sew much in 2011 (the year in review)

I have been looking back over my sewing for this past year and I decided I wanted to recap the year in stitches.

I started the year with some home dec sewing for my living room (which we re-did at the end of 2010).
I love how our living room turned out and these pieces still look brand new a year later. The leather couch you see behind the pillows is awesome, too - I would highly recommend such a piece of furniture if you have a bunch of kids and pets. Leather actually hides wear like crazy. Who knew?

My next home dec project has not held up so well. The boys have been destroying the bed curtains via rough behavior. They have torn a few of the ties. I just haven't been motivated to fix them either.

At least my daughter is a little kinder to her mama-made-mine projects. She adores her name pillow (actually a pillow sham). I often find it dragged downstairs so she can use it on the couch.

Of course, most of my sewing this year has been garment sewing. Gracie is still my dress-up doll. I love this beautiful print and have the yellow version of it waiting to be made into a dress for her next year!

One of my goals this year was to work in more embroidery to my sewing. I do love my embroidery machine (a Bernina Deco). This dress was so cute for the beach and will still fit her in 2012 since it was so big then.

I also tried to sew a little more for the men in my life. I made the Colette Negroni for my husband. This pattern is very likely to resurface in 2012. I could see this in a fun print for vacation...I may have to convince him for that though!

At Easter, I sewed for the entire family - shirts for all of the guys and dresses for myself and Gracie. I kept the palette pastel - lavender was predominate.

There are, of course, a few projects that stand out. Benjamin's favorite by far was the giraffe outfit (which I am confident he will also be able to wear in 2012).

I got a lot of use out of my new favorite purse (but it is too summery to be a year-round bag so it is currently on hiatus). I anticipate making a version of this to taking on vacation to Disney next summer. I will want to go slightly bigger though, but not as big as the previous bag I made from the Taylor Made Designs pattern.

I gave the boys a sewing lesson. They made pillowcases for themselves and their younger siblings.

This dress (Natalie pattern by Sew Beautiful) was actually considered for publication by the magazine. Alas, it didn't make the cut but they did say it was a beautiful dress.

My favorite dress might just be this one. I fell in love with Muse designs and made several different ones, but I always get compliments on it.

My boys love these Star Wars sweatshirts. They are constantly being worn.

I made the dress my daughter wore at the local fair's pageant. She didn't win, but it was fun to make and she loved it.

The best part of the fair was mine - I won a bunch of ribbons for my sewing! I also walked away with enough prize money to fund more...fabric!

Halloween brought Rapunzel to life.

For the last month or so, I've gotten into sewing with a plan for my own wardrobe. So far, I have added over a dozen new pieces to my fall/winter wardrobe and had a lot of fun doing that. I found another great color-blocking pattern in the process. Plus, I made my first really structured lined jacket and successful work-friendly tailored pants.

I ended up spending all night sewing up this nativity-themed Feliz dress, but she wore it 3 times so far and she loves it. I love it too. She's only little once, so why not?

As the year closes, I have 3 cut, ready to sew projects, but I doubt they will get touched until at least Sunday (1/1/12). So, that makes my final project of the year one I can enjoy looking at (and sitting on) daily at work (in my classroom).

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Your new chair will be a cheery spot in the classroom!
    Happy sewing in the New Year!