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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wardrobe progress

I had hoped to have more projects finished by now, but considering that I interrupted my wardrobe sewing to make some Christmas outfits for my youngest two as well as some baby gifts, I think I am making good progress.

I completed Vogue 1197, a Today's Fit pattern, this evening. I love the giraffe print. It's just so cute! I'm wearing this one to work tomorrow with brown pants.

I have one more knit top cut and ready to sew, then I need to knock out a cover for this stool/chair I bought from a local used furniture shop. I'm sitting on it in this picture. It was $20 and will be wonderful in my classroom, but it needs a nice cover. I made a pattern from newspaper, but I haven't gotten to sewing it yet. I hope to complete the project this weekend so I can take this thing to school (and have it out of the house over break!).

I have been updating my wardrobe board on Pinterest with my completed projects. I like to see the visual results of my progress. I don't know if I will end up completing the planned pieces before I am ready to switch to spring/summer sewing, but we shall see...

Here are a couple of Christmas outfits I knocked out for Gracie. Both are big enough that I think she will have no issue wearing them next year. The candy cane outfit is an Ottobre top with a Farbenmix Insa skirt. That was quick to make.

I went a bit overboard, I suppose, with this next piece. It is the Feliz dress, done in bamboo corduroy with loads of ruffles and a sweet embroidered nativity scene. This took forever to stitch out and I stayed up all night to finish it so she could wear it to church the Sunday the preschoolers sang, "The Friendly Beasts." She loved that it had the animals from the song on it. I think she was very sweet-looking in this. I know my husband thought I was nuts staying up to finish this, but how precious is this little girl? She's only 4 once, and this was too perfect!

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