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Friday, April 29, 2011

Crepe - made reversible!

For my second foray into Colette Patterns, I made "Crepe," a dress with a back wrap and sash, but no other closures. I don't mind zippers and buttons, but this was a fun change of pace.

I love the print - very sophisticated for Fabric Finders. I saw this recently made up in a little girl's dress and I didn't care for it. This one is for the big girls. I was concerned about an unlined white dress, so I decided to line it, which evolved into making it reversible.

I also chose to use black for the sash since it would provide contrast on either side of the dress. While I definitely prefer the print, it's fun to have options.

It wasn't too difficult to make this reversible. I applied the same technique I have used with things for Gracie. I constructed the floral and the lavender bodices, stitched them together along the entire wrap/neckline and the sleeves, then pulled everything through. The seams were then top-stitched.

The skirt sections were joined to the appropriate bodice before I sewed them, with right sides, sash, and bodice on the inside. Once right side out, It was easy to close the final seam during the process of top-stitching. Do this, I have a completely finished garment and didn't have to mess around with all those facings. The only downside is that this dress is TEN YARDS of fabric (when made reversible).


  1. So clever! You have done a great job.

  2. Yikes, 10 yards!

    It really is a lovely dress, though. Sometimes it's fun to wear a lot of yardage (:

    For some reason, I've recently traced 2 wrap dresses out of Japanese magazines, a front wrap and a back wrap. I don't necessarily have the figure to really pull off a front wrap, but maybe the back wrap will be better. Deciding on fabric is the hard part since I'll be wearing so very much of it!