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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where the magic happens

This is where I sew and serge, a small desk between my living and dining rooms that was once in a school classroom and likely held a typewriter at one time. I have some miscellaneous items piled on the end table between it and my couch.
You can see I have some creative use of space here.

The tall cabinet came from the same used furniture place that my sewing desk did. It is chock full of patterns, books, and even a little overflow fabric - often fabric I plan to use in the near future. There are several baskets stuffed with patterns hidden in the lower cabinet. On the floor, my biggest pattern basket has taken up residence.

You may notice in the cabinet behind the pattern basket are scrapbooks. Well, yes, I have another dirty little secret: I scrapbook. I've been an avid (rabid!) scrapbooker for a long while, so let me introduce you to my other creative space: the Scraplab. This small room off the main entrance to my house is home to my desktop computer, my Bernina Deco 340, and my scrapbook stash. You'll notice I still have a baby gate. My kids are not allowed in this room. The baby gate will only come down when we get some French doors installed...

Immediately to the right in the Scraplab is a TV and the tower of paper. That's all cardstock. The white drawer units hold various embellishments.
Next we have the computer and the Deco. I used to scrapbook on this desktop, but when I redid the room last year, I made a new work surface for that. You can see I have loads of paper, ribbons, containers of small embellishments...

Moving left of the computer/Deco, I have a section of countertop and base cabinets that I use with craft projects - esp. hot or messy ones (like heat embossing), a collection of rubber stamps, paper flowers, pages waiting to go into an album or three, and my lovely wall rack of thread. I have an IKEA TV table under the window that houses two mammoth tubs of paper and various other scrapbook supplies.

This shelf/desk combo is from IKEA and holds my idea books, small tools and embellishments, and my main work surface. I keep a large rotary cutting mat as a desk blotter since I often use it for measuring when I create scrapbook pages (or use the surface to hoop embroidery designs). There are two Iris scrapbook carts holding 12x12 tubs underneath it. The cross stitch picture of a cat (along with others that may be visible in random pictures) comes from a previous hobby life before I discovered scrapbooking and sewing.

So where's the fabric stash? Come into my garage. There's a second huge set of these shelves right behind it with an equal amount of stash.

Then I have a little more on a third set...just the bottom two shelves (4 big tubs). Finally, I have a double set of plastic drawers for my small fabric scraps that may be useful in other projects but are too small for a project on their own.

So, that's where it all happens. It may not be the most attractive arrangement, but it's colorful, fun, and MINE!


  1. Very impressive - both fabric and scrapbooking.. I used to be an avid scrapbooker, but with such limited time, I had to choose 1 hobby, and sewing won out!

  2. Wow! Sandi, is all I can say! Very impressive I have to agree with Nancy!

  3. Whoa! Your creative space is huge! I love the thread organizer
    And the nice fabric boxes. I thought sewing needed a lot of things and space
    But I realize scrapbooking does too! Thanks for posting the link on my blog and let me discover your space.