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Saturday, April 23, 2011

McCall's summer patterns - a haiku & my picks

Let me sum up the new McCall's with a haiku...

McCall's new patterns
lots of interesting styles
not too bra friendly

Now, for my picks:
6356 looks interesting for the two-color top in the middle.
Palmer & Pletsch has a couple of nice basic patterns - this one (6361) and a tee/knit dress pattern as well.

How cute is this??? 6373 - aprons for children plus adorable bags, too

If I had a baby girl to sew for (sniff, baby is too big), I would love this:
I like the tote and cushion pattern by Tina Givens (6367).
The organizer, 6374, might be one of my favorites of the entire batch.
This is also a cute organizer pattern (6375): 

Isn't this pattern sweet?  It's 6371.
I have plenty of doll clothes patterns, but I do think this is a nice one - very boutique! (6370)

This is clever - 6369 is a playhouse that is essentially a cover for a card table - what a great, quick, portable idea!

Obviously, my fashion picks are limited since I like to keep the girls in place, but some of the craftier sewing options are fantastic - not a total loss.

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  1. Some great patterns. I love the organizers!!!!