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Friday, July 16, 2010

G Street Fabrics

Since I was passing through Washington D.C. area, I knew I wanted to visit G Street fabrics in person. I had received an order from them after winning a $150 gift certificate in the Fabric Stash contest on Pattern Review. I still had some of the credit left, so I picked up...

The brown has hints of peach woven through it and is a lovely soft twill. The peach is microfiber and the raspberry is French terry cloth. I also got a few trims.

Overall, the store had a large selection and prices ranged from reasonable to dirt cheap to take-out-a-loan, a very wide range. They have an extensive selection of buttons and beautiful trims. I would definitely consider making another stop there while traveling.


  1. It looks like you got a nice stash. I grew up in Maryland and I love to visit G-Street when I go back home. The fabric stores in Atlanta don't come even close.

  2. Have you visited A Fabric Place in Baltimore? If not, you totally need to! Between them and G Street, it's making visiting the in-laws look much better. ;-)