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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wardrobe planning

When I sew for myself, I have to think about fitting items into my current wardrobe. Unless I suddenly gain or lose a lot of weight, that's a pretty fixed group of clothing. Sure, I weed stuff periodically, but I'm not a growing child.

Speaking of which, I have several of those, but most notably, my sweet little Gracie. Having had three boys first, I have a large wardrobe to pass along for them. I weed the stuff the older ones mess up (oldest two are the same size and have been for a couple of years), and I add in a few new pieces for the little guy, but I don't start from scratch (anymore). However, I only have one daughter, and she's a darling little three year old who is suddenly acquiring little girl proportions - all arms and legs and tiny body. She ends up with a new wardrobe every six months just by virtue of her age. It is her wardrobe that I have the most fun with.

I do buy her a few pieces, mainly at end of season sales on things I wouldn't buy at full price (b/c I'm cheap like that). I buy her jeans - especially when I found some gorgeously embroidered and embellished girly jeans for about $8 a pair on clearance, and I buy a few embellished/character t-shirts since I don't yet have an embroidery machine. I also buy sleepwear because that's pretty boring to make.

It''s the little girl fashion coordinates and dresses that just make me smile. I cut a cute little corduroy print jumper and a soft corduroy print dress, and then I started on a wardrobe of coordinates. I used some of the new Michael Miller/Patty Young knits with Ottobre patterns to cut a tunic, reversible skirt, dress, and two pairs of leggings. Now, I'm working with the same designer's "Playdate" cotton woven line which I plan to mix with some of the knits and a couple of Farbenmix patterns. My goal is to have some mix and match outfits.

Pictures to follow...

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