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Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank you, Simplicity!

After cringing my way through the McCall's new releases, I am thoroughly delighted by Simplicity's new selection. Somehow they avoided the whole freaky hemline thing.

First of all, there are a couple of wonderful dresses:
I really like the cut of both of these. I think they could both be made to flatter my figure.

There is one jacket pattern that remind me a bit of the McCall's one I liked, but I think this might be even better:

My daughter will be all over this pattern - she loves twirly skirts:

There's even a great pattern for my guys - these messenger bags (although I do have a Burda pattern that I have made up for DH and he loves it - uses it for his work laptop):

There are a couple that made me cringe. What occasion does one need the belly-baring corset for?

And while I enjoy sewing for dolls (even Barbie), I won't be buying this pattern or that doll for Gracie. Weird:

Finally, this wonderful pattern made me miss having a baby to sew for (as my baby is now 3):

Of course, the real question is now how many of these will I be able to find at Hancock's this evening (with 5 for $5 Simplicity)???


  1. Good luck finding them. At my local Hancock's the twirly skirt was sold out. :0(

  2. It was sold out at mine - ditto for PR dress in my size, too, but I did get the jacket, messenger bags, and the other dress. I also got 2348 - Daisy Kingdom, the Cynthia Rowley bags, and a Barbie pattern. I also swung by Joanns and got the new McCall's princess costume for DD plus a couple of earlier McCall's I missed on previous sales. They had plenty of the ugly ones though...