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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sewing Machine Withdrawal

I'm sitting here in a Barnes & Noble because I (fortunately) had an excuse to leave the kids at the in-laws' house for a couple of hours so I could submit a paper for graduate school. Of course, I did that little deed in a hurry and now I'm about to peruse some sewing books/magazines. I managed to snag a July Burda yesterday afternoon in Philadelphia, and there is an entire suitcase of all that gorgeous new fabric waiting in my car. However, it will be Friday before I can bust out the machine back at my house.

I wanna sew!!!!! I need to cut some fabric! I need to hear the whir of the motor...

In the meantime, I will satisfy my urges by reading about sewing and, of course, purchasing so more fabric. I have 3 more fabric store visits in the works, so I will hit them and get my fix.

Is it a bad thing to have no problem bypassing cheaply made, wrinkly, chain-store clothes longing to custom fit and create one's own fashions (or things for one's adorable kids)? I think not. I just miss the thrill I get from doing it!

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