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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vogue 8636

I've been working on a Vogue Marci Tilton top - V8636. I can't decide which neckline treatment I want to do, but it was easy to settle the 3/4 versus full length sleeve option - I only had enough fabric for the 3/4 sleeve!

The fabric is a Juliette knit in a lovely medium periwinkle blue, one of my favorite colors. I picked it up last week at Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC. It has a lovely feel to wear and it drapes beautifully. Sometime I ought to get this type of knit for a dress.

I stopped before hemming the bottom and sleeves and completing the neckline because I am almost out of thread, but I wanted to share the FBA I did on this one because I'm pretty pleased with the fit I got. I'm about a size 14 in RTW, so in patterns, an 18 is good (or 44 in Euro sizes). It's the boobs that are out of control. I'm a 38G - thank goodness for Dillard's because it's the only place I can get bras! Anyway, I need width and length to go around them, so here's the alteration:

I cut everything except the front piece in the 18 without any changes. For the front, I slashed on the lengthen-shorten line and added two inches. Then, I drew an extension from where the seam meets the sleeve, curving out about an inch and a half and curving back to the pattern at the slash line. After cutting that piece, I gathered the part I extended on the side. The two inches in length got drawn up and the extra three inches total (because I added up to 1/5 inches on each side in the curve) are all what's covering the girls without pulling. I've seen similar gathering on another pattern (I think it was in Ottobre Woman) and that was my inspiration.

Of course, I'm still back to the dilemma of what to do with the neckline, but at least I don't have to sweat what to do about the fit.

BTW - That's just the light from my ceiling fan leaving a weird reflection on Gracie's 6 month portrait. She's not really a Gremlin!

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